Whitehorse has many dedicated bike lanes and multi-use trails along the Yukon River, Two Mile Hill, Hamilton Boulevard, and Robert Service Way. We’re working to improve connectivity and safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other active transportation users. Pedestrians should use sidewalks and multi-use trails whenever possible.

Be and Feel Safe. On this page, find information on planning your trip, travelling safely, and building your skills to help you get out and about using active transportation and low-carbon options like taking transit and carpooling in Whitehorse.


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Plan Your Route

Plan your Active Commute Week routes by using maps including the Commuter Cycling Map. Don’t want to bike back up that hill? Then hop on the bus. Check out the City Transit Route Maps and Schedules. If driving, arrange to carpool whenever possible.

Be aware of road construction projects that may affect your trip. For construction and detour updates, check out the City plans and projects webpage or FB page.

Know the Rules

As a pedestrian or cyclist, you are vulnerable road users. Protect yourself from the risk of injury. Learn more about road and off-road safety tips on the City Active Transportation webpage. Learn more about the law on the control, use and operation of bicycles, electric bicycles, adaptive mountain bikes, electronic mobility devices and e-scooters, and skateboards in Whitehorse.


Build Your Skills

Many community groups and businesses offer education and training opportunities to build your confidence and skills in walking, running, cycling and other active transportation modes.



Cadence Cycle

Contagious Mountain Bike Club

Cycling Association of Yukon (CAY)

Icycle Sports

Terra Riders

U Kon Echelon

VeloNorth Cycling Club

Whitehorse Urban Cycling Coalition (WUCC)

Yukon Government e-bike rebate

60 Degrees Training


Walking / Running

Athletics Yukon

City of Whitehorse Recreation

Endurance North Run Club

Perfecting Your Walking Technique

Run for Life

Learning to Walk by Nicole Bauberger, What’s Up Yukon



Skate for Life Alliance Yukon 



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