June 5 - June 9, 2023 | see you next year!


Active Commute Week is a City of Whitehorse community initiative dedicated to encouraging alternative modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling, rolling, and transit, instead of driving solo.


Our Goal. We want to double the number of trips taken using active transportation by 2030 and support residents to be agents of that change.


By making a conscious effort to choose alternative modes of transportation, we can promote healthier lifestyles, reduce carbon emissions, and create a more vibrant community. Let us embrace the benefits of active transportation and work together to build a more sustainable and connected world.


Active Commute Week encourages participation with support stations, biking and walking workshops, a fun movie night, and by creating a community of volunteers and funding partners.


Active Commute Week is a relaunch of past similar events such as Bike to Work/School Week and YXY by Bike Week and builds on the commitment of past participants. To learn more about past events, visit Past Results.

Click on the image to download the poster and share it with your friends and family to promote the event!

Mark your calendars for Active Commute Week, June 3-7, 2024!


  • Inform and encourage people of all ages and abilities on how to get started using active transportation, transit and carpooling for more trips.
  • Increase road safety for all users by cleaning path surfaces and providing clear signage to help people find their way around.
  • Decrease total Whitehorse greenhouse gas emissions and the number of single passenger vehicle commuters.
  • Increase lasting action by engaging and supporting a core volunteer base.
  • Increase health and wellness by increasing physical activity and decreasing the percentage of the population with chronic illness.


Read or subscribe to periodic updates or send us your feedback at sustainability@whitehorse.ca. We want to hear from you!